Every Thing Ever

by Spooky Cool

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Harrison Wilson
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Harrison Wilson Great to finally get some studio tracks! Favorite track: Every Thing Ever.
joshua bearman
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joshua bearman Very happy that this excellent band is finally releasing some studio tracks. I have appreciated the care and thought that they put into every song for the last 3 years. It’s rare to hear such an unselfish band whose only goal is to serve the song.
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Attempting to describe Richmond’s Spooky Cool--not only their musical style, but also the emotions and ideas their music provokes--will always be a troublesome task. The songs are too consistently kaleidoscopic, and never at ease in one feeling or one component for too long. Lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Zac Hryciak began this project in 2015 alongside drummer Lee Spratley and bassist Sean Williams, musicians with whom he has been collaborating in one project or another for over a decade, as an effort to bring together contrasting musical sensibilities in a manner which was unfamiliar, yet intelligible.

Hryciak, whose approach to vocal melodies and lyrics owes a great deal to Paul Simon, set out with his band to infuse this kind of songwriting with discordance and complex rhythmic and instrumental patterns, though without extreme sacrifice to the music’s harmonious and lyrically playful underpinnings. Vocalist Paula Lavalle joined Spooky Cool later that year, and she helps emphasize and augment the group’s more melodic components, while lead guitarist Zavi Harman, whose instrumental technique has its origins in math rock, became a permanent member soon after. 

Spooky Cool aims at sustaining a tradition of ornate, intricate musical composition demonstrated in the works of bands and composers they admire such as The Beach Boys, Deerhoof, Tchaikovsky, and Sibelius, though with an added influence of metal--Fuzz, for instance, is a recurrent source of inspiration--which contributes a sense of both grimness and deviant humor to the band’s musical disposition. Indelible, euphonic vocal melodies, and lavish vocal harmonies are put to use in abundance. Moreover, wide-ranging dynamics, sudden time-signature shifts, detailed, syncopated drum rhythms, and unexpected periods of tonal dissonance are characteristics to be encountered in nearly all of their tracks.

As with their subject matter, Spooky Cool’s instrumentation is an amalgamation of seemingly disparate elements: the gentle and the brutal, the melodious and the abrasively atonal. The subject matter of Spooky Cool’s music often pivots on annihilation of one form or another, whether such destruction concerns male ego and presumption or more biblical notions of the apocalypse. Zac Hryciak’s lyrical approach moves effortlessly from the anecdotal to the wholly spiritual, from matters of inebriation and sexual insecurity to grand abstractions like good and evil. In essence, Spooky Cool unflaggingly strives to intermix the mundane with the extraordinary. 

In short, the members of Spooky Cool are merely seeking to produce music which they themselves consider entertaining and thought-provoking, and to establish a singular voice, a niche, in the already chockablock world of pop music. 


released August 3, 2018

Recorded by Michael Satterfield
Mixed by Collin Pastore
Mastered by Jett Galindo at The Bakery


all rights reserved



Spooky Cool Richmond, Virginia

Spooky Cool is a band based in Richmond, Virginia and consists of Zac Hryciak, Paula Lavalle, Sean Williams, Zavi Harman and Lee Spratley.


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Track Name: Strange Rooms
You said they always fizzle out or
You’re head over heels about them
But the warmest touch you’ll give to me
Is as cold as the northern mountains
Head goes down, eyes look up over
Your brand new glasses

Did you want me to write about you?
Well, here I am

So good to know that you belong to another,
I’m the fool who saw you as the jester
Antagonism evades your donning,
Is replaced by a miserable longing
Still I want you bad and you want me too
Though I can’t for the life of me find proof

Did you want me to hurt about you?
Well, here I am

You assume I am angry, well, maybe I’m not
But my ears are getting hot
Yeah my face has turned crimson
But it’s due to the light
That reflects off your ginger locks
And you’re not here in my sheets
I just keep ending up involved
In strange rooms with other men’s girls
Track Name: Heaven's Sway
On an ocean building rooftop, once placid the sea is so violent now
I’m getting a bit too close the edge
I can’t control my position, it’s too deep
My toes can’t even reach
And with a howl, a scream

Tidal wave
Tidal Wave

There’s a space between the building and the shore
Of rock and mangled concrete
Three dozen people bobbing wild like loose buoys
I collect our fear, now airborne
The descent feels so long
And with a crash, a boom

Tidal Wave
Tidal wave

My face is hot upon the rock
A white sandy hue stuck on you
I can hear them, I can hear all writhe in pain
But I can’t move or I won’t move to look at you

Heaven is over
Heaven is over
Heaven is over this cairn
Track Name: Old Hair Mine
Old hair mine
Brown, grey, black
Dead it has always been
And yet it still grows long

Doses mine
Seem to swell
Used to be so small
My how they’ve taken life of their own

We own a house smothered by the avalanche
Three tries to get you out but it didn’t work
And your arm came off and you bled black dirt

Oh take me back

Room is wet
Outside wretched has invited itself in
I’ve never had a good defense
I welcome pain

The bay was dark
A man rode his waverunner
Straight into the storm and we watched in awe
As the angry eye tore his body apart

Oh take me back

Just like a newborn plague
Washing over me
Spawned in the back on the bottom of the basement that we never had
Is anything real?
Track Name: Every Thing Ever
That's all I was
No there’s low hope for
Someone like Zachary Dennis
And when the world is gone
I won’t be sad nor glad
My skin is see-through now and forever more
I choose to transcend

Say what you will
Your words are still energy and that affects me
I think I know what you think but I’ve been strong
I don’t call and I won’t beg

Walking behind you
It’s a task
You can’t seem to pick a speed
And some of us move a bit too fast
Sometimes I get angry for no reason

Follow me
Break away

I go out every night just to see you as a ghost
You’re not out or you're anywhere but here
What a joke we’d rekindle naturally
Oh it’s bullshit and you know it

But I am every thing ever

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